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   Fernando Spengler Rodriguez was born 1979 in Havana / Cuba. After his secondary school graduation, Fernando began to learn the craft of auto mechanic and started working in a Car repair garage in Havana. Fernando continued his education parallel to work at the evening school, where he obtain his  high school degree. After that, Fernando when to serve 2 years of obligatory military service as an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force.

  After his service in the Army, he worked 2 years more as an auto mechanic in a state repair Car garage in Havana, where he received the best rating possible (A), as an auto mechanic.  As head of his Brigade, he worked as an Instructor and master of that profession, being himself the youngest on that position at the Age of 21. Fernando soon needed a new challenge for his life and decided to follow his artistic passion, he began to study classical singing at the Conservatory of Music "Alejandro García Caturla" in Havana.

  He signed his first contractual engagement at the age of 23, as a soloist singer at the "Cabaret Tropicana" in the show "La Gloria Eres Tu", one of the most famous live productions on the island. Parallel to his work as a singer, Fernando continued his artistic training at the "Dance School of Tropicana", where he studied the show-dance and pursuit of more artistic knowledge, Fernando attended various acting workshops and theater courses at the "National School of Arts" in Havana.

  In 2006, Fernando had the opportunity to offer his talents outside Cuba. After an audition in Havana for the worldwide hit musical Disney's "The Lion King" in Hamburg / Germany, Fernando was the only one selected from 800 applicants and was taken to Germany where he was offered his first international contract as a musical actor in the role of "Simba ". The work at the musical theater set up the bases, for both his further artistic development as well as for his new life in Germany.


His Cuban Culture was simultaneously enriched, not only by the German culture but also by the cultures of the many other artists, from countries such as South Africa, Australia, England, France, Brasil, and others. Fernando had to learn very fast. This confrontation accelerated his cultural integration in Europe. Today Fernando speaks additionally to Spanish, his mother tongue, the German and English languages, fluently.

  In 2010 Fernando made his debut in the film industry, starring in the role of Fabio Veloso (Papai) in the film "Hier Kommt Lola" (Here Comes Lola) based on the series of books of Isabel Abedi.

  Fernando represents his Cuban roots, as well as the culture of his home of choice, Germany. As a musical and film actor, Fernando keeps on adding successes throughout the Europian Continent, more recently is back on stage in "The Lion King" in Hamburg, this time in the role of "Mufasa".



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My work explores the relationship between new class identities and daytime TV. With influences as diverse as Nietzsche and John Cage, new insights are synthesised from both mundane and transcendant dialogues. Ever since I was a pre-adolescent I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of the zeitgeist. What starts out as vision soon becomes corrupted into a dialectic of temptation, leaving only a sense of decadence and the dawn of a new reality. As temporal derivatives become reconfigured through frantic and personal practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the possibilities of our era.

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